Buying an Accounting Practice


We strategically match buyers with high-quality Accounting firms that meet your acquisition goals.

Buying Accounting practice

Buying an Accounting practice is not a decision that’s made lightly, and rightly so. More than just a simple exchange, there are many factors that impact the structure of the transaction and the firm’s valuation.

Particularly when buying existing practices, the success of your purchase hinges on your ability to effect a smooth business transaction, successfully retain existing clients and staff, and the execution of a strategic plan that drives the business forward.

Ensuring that you understand where the true value in the existing business lies, can make all the difference when buying a practice. Remember, that high revenue doesn’t equate to high profitability. We ensure you are matched with high value Accounting practices to ensure long-term continuity, success and profitability.

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Why work with Abacus?

Gain access to exclusive Accounting practices for sale

Owning a unique Accounting practice that stands out from the crowd means purchasing a practice that is far from run-of-the-mill. High quality practices are rarely seen on public listings, and many will only engage with attractive merger options. At Abacus, we are able to help you access exclusive firms that are interested in looking at selling-options.

Not only will you, as the buyer, wish to access a practice with established processes, happy staff and satisfied clients, sellers want to ensure that the person buying their practice is going to continue on their legacy.

Exclusive private listings reduce some of the noise within the market, which allows both the buyer and seller to attune themselves to one another and communicate their shared vision. 


Gain an objective perspective when conducting due diligence

As industry professionals, we can identify opportunities and provide objective insight regarding your acquisition before you commit to buy. We have a critical understanding of your target, which is an essential aspect of any large purchase or investment.

By gaining a transparent understanding of the firm’s niche markets served, specific industries, and the nature of their culture and technology, as well as their client’s exit strategy, you can begin to paint a clear picture of what the growth prospects look like and get a head start on strategic planning.

Be matched with the best Accounting practices

The Accounting practices for sale in our exclusive network have undergone rigorous business development processes to ensure we only sell the highest quality practices. 

When you work with Abacus to purchase an Accounting practice, you can rest assured you’ll be matched with a business that wholeheartedly suits your acquisition goals.

Guidance on financing the transaction

As an Accounting professional yourself, you’ll already be all over the numbers. However, your financing options can be substantially expanded with a comprehensive business plan, substantial down-payment and the right credentials.

Oversight on transition planning

Paramount for the practice’s ongoing success is client and staff retention. We help guide you through the transition planning process to ensure that you can develop a detailed transition plan for optimal retention.

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