Selling an Accounting Practice 


We provide the best outcomes for Accountants and your clients by facilitating exit opportunities across Australia.

Selling Accounting Practice 

Selling your practice will be one of the most momentous events within your professional career. It takes considerable knowledge and preparation to achieve the best result in the shortest time — which is exactly what we specialise in! 

The level of attention that your Accounting practice deserves, is synonymous with the level of attention and effort you’ve invested into it over the years. 

We provide industry expertise when it comes time to prepare your practice for sale.  

Forget turnaround times of 18-24 months, our process can have your practice sold in as little as 2-3 months, and we can hold the reins for you the entire way through the sale process. 

Register your interest today, to learn how we can help get your practice sold, and have you on your next venture, sooner. 

Areas we consider when preparing your Accounting practice for sale:

Internal succession vs selling to an outside buyer

Exit and succession planning help you define the goals for your exit, and the goals you have for the future of your business — without you in the picture. 

We help put the wheels in motion for you to exit on your terms, and help facilitate the handover to an outside party or the succession to your protégé.

Strategically matching the best potential buyers

The buyer-matching approach for the sale of your practice will largely depend on the size of the firm, where you sit in the market and your unique business values and culture. 

Whether you have a smaller practice or a larger firm, we use our strategic private and direct sales approach to help position your firm for ultimate appeal with a buyer well-positioned to carry on with your legacy. 

Stability & continuity of processes and client retention

Perhaps it goes without saying, that holding robust business relationships with high quality clients is going to be attractive for potential buyers, and also assist with the continuity of client service after the sale.

We help you execute the sale and transition in the most appropriate way to give clients, staff, and the new owner, time to embed the changeover and make for a seamless handover. 

Improving your practice to add maximum value

By optimising relevant value metrics of your business, your practice valuation can be significantly improved, as well as the efficiency in commercial processes. 

The benefits to you are two-fold; your practice can enjoy increased efficiency (and revenue!) with a strong long-term outlook, while ensuring you receive top dollar during the sales process.  

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