Websites for Accountants: 5 Essential Elements

Does your website contain these five essential elements? Here are a few key features to keep in mind when creating websites for Accountants. Use this list as a starting point for your next website upgrade.

1. Points of Difference

The most important objective of your website is to differentiate you from your competition. 

I constantly read accounting websites that are so generic they could relate to any Accounting Firm in Australia (and often anywhere in the world!).

Spend some time establishing what makes your Practice different. This is essential for your website, where you are directly compared to dozens of competitors online. 

It is also immensely valuable for your team to be able to understand and articulate these points of difference as they represent your brand to the clients and stakeholders they interact with.

2. How Will You Help Me?

Clients want to know how you can help them, it’s that simple.

While it is important for clients to know a few facts about your Practice, location, services, and team, it is equally important that they know you understand their situation and problems and are able to practically help them.

Make references in your website content to your clients’ challenges and the ways in which you offer help. Are they busy? Say you’ll save them time. Do they find ATO information intimidating? Offer to break requirements into scheduled tasks with top-tier security measures so they don’t need to worry.

3. Social Proof

In an anonymous, online world reviews are more important than ever.

While Accountants are still among the most trusted professionals, our digital age brings with it increased skepticism. There are a lot of smooth-talking copywriters out there creating beautiful websites for businesses they have never met. Saying all the right words doesn’t mean the business walks its talk.

Testimonials, and more importantly, Google and Facebook reviews are so important for building trust online. They create ‘social proof’ that your Practice is as good as you say you are and carry a huge amount of weight when people compare businesses online.

4. Contemporary or Behind-the-times?

Your Practice and your website should be up-to-date.

If your website is more than five years old – update it! I have no doubt your Practice has evolved in that time and your site should reflect that.

An old website tells people that you are behind-the-times, an Accountant needs to be on top of business and economic changes, new technology and software, and current standards.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Your website doesn’t need to be huge, it needs to be relevant.

Don’t let the thought of updating your site be overwhelming. It is more important for your site to be modern and user-friendly with high-quality information than for it to be a library of detailed information and resources that no-one uses.

People will decide in a matter of seconds if information is relevant to them, not by actually reading, but by skimming over the page and clicking straight out if it’s not what they are looking for.

Make sure your site is well-written, with strong, relevant headlines, succinct points and structure, visual information and links to more information if people want to read further.

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