Why your Website is like Compliance Accounting

The basic service for almost all Accounting firms is compliance work. Isn’t that how the profession came about: making sure their numbers are right?

Compliance is essential, it’s basic, and most Accountants want to offer more than just the basics.

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Offering additional financial services gives you numerous advantages;

  • more capacity as work is shared across team members
  • increased profile of the Practice among clientele and extended networks
  • higher profit margins
  • deeper engagement with clients


What’s this got to do with your website?

Your website is like the most basic Marketing compliance. It shows the world that you exist (well, hopefully, because if you don’t appear in a Google search for accountants in your area – do you really exist?).

Unlike compliance, your website is not a prescribed form to complete, where you enter the right data into the right fields and publish.

Your website should be unique and show the world what makes your practice different from others, the value you offer to clients and why you are the experts they should trust with their business and finances. 

By having a website that is too simple, outdated, non-existent you are just another Accounting firm that does compliance work, and are essentially invisible.


To attract A-grade clients it starts with an A-grade website. 

Even a direct referral from a current client is likely to look over your website before making contact. They want to do their due diligence and research more about your business.

Especially larger clients. High-end clients will come with high expectations – if your website disappoints, it could be all over red rover.


Have you at least got the basics covered?

  • Is your website responsive/mobile-ready?
  • Does it contain basic SEO content?
  • Are you being found in Google search?
  • Are you re-writing the ATO information you post? (Google hates copy-and-paste!)

If not, you’d probably better get on it quick!

If so, you’ve got a good start.


So, we’ve got our website – we’re compliant, now what?

Now you add Marketing activities, using the website as the foundation, just like adding extra Accounting services to a compliance package – this is where all the excitement and growth happens.

  • you use expert blog articles to offer our clients and potential clients helpful tips and information on issues related to them.
  • you email our clients once a month with these tips and relevant services they may like to add on to their compliance package
  • you use Google Ads to send leads to a relevant and engaging landing page on the website
  • you increase your activity on social media and link posts to relevant information on the website
  • you begin advertising on social media, again linking your ads to targeted information on your website
  • you use advanced SEO and Content Marketing to attract organic traffic.

The possibilities are endless.

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The extent that you turn-on or turn-off additional marketing activities is up to you. 

Having the fundamental part in place (a strong website) means you have the tap ready to turn-on when you’re ready to grow.

Your website, like compliance, is essential, but ideally, it becomes just the starting point to expand your marketing activities and grow your business.

Need to take the next step with your website or your marketing?

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