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We create great outcomes for Accountants and their clients by facilitating acquisition and exit opportunities across Australia..

Get the most out of your time and your business, both now and in the future.

At Abacus Business Advisors, we are specialists in helping Accountants sell and buy practices. We work with modern Accounting practice owners to develop an exit strategy that allows them to enhance their business potential and redeploy their time to where it is most valuable (and enjoyable). We also offer comprehensive services for buyers looking to purchase accounting practices. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur looking to enter the accounting industry, we can guide you through the process and help you find the perfect practice to acquire.

Why Abacus Business Advisors?


We are proactive. When asked to advise on putting two firms together, we actively approach appropriate firms and get the process rolling. While other merger and acquisition specialists may take 18-24 months, in some cases, we can take less than 3 months — with impressive results!

Post Handover

You want your business left in the right hands, and so do we. We want to ensure your clients and staff are excited by the new owners and will be looked after post-handover. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process with our experienced knowledge.

Buyer & Seller Match

We match the right sellers and buyers. The practices for sale in our network have been subject to business development processes that ensure they are of the highest quality. When buyers and sellers are matched, they can rest assured it's a pairing that will wholeheartedly suit their business goals.

Our services are designed to help with the following key areas:

Passing Your Legacy On — Selling your Accounting practice

Abacus provides owners of Accounting firms with holistic, proactive and knowledgeable exit planning advice to create a more valuable practice — so it's more enjoyable to run and receives top-dollar when it comes time to sell.

Growing Your Accounting Empire — Buying an Accounting practice

We ensure we match buyers with a well-established practice that suits their specific acquisition goals. By matching buyers with high-quality Accounting practices, long-term continuity, success and profitability are effortless to achieve.

Exit Strategy Advice and Opportunities — Positioning your Accounting business for sale

Hand over the practice on Your terms. Whether through succession planning or the sale of your practice, it is important to prepare and implement your exit strategy with time and intention. We can support you in this journey.

No matter which stage you are at, we can help!


We’d love to book a free consultation call with you, to discuss your personal business goals and challenges and see how we can help.

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Steve Toews, Principal

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