Adding Value to Your Business

Adding Value to Your Business

With 50% to 90% of your wealth tied up in your practice, its imperative to start the process of optimising your business value before its too late.


By combining these value metrics over the short, medium & long-term, you can create an attractive business valuation and share in the additional profits in the meantime.

Abacus Business Advisors are leading business consultants to the Accounting Industry.

We aim to:

  • Discover efficiencies in your practice that will save you considerable $$s
  • Increase the revenue per existing client by at least 10%
  • Generate additional available time for Principals to spend with their key clients
  • Attract numerous new clients to the Practice
  • Be seen as as a preferred employer for highly sought after staff

With our Advice we you can realise your business potential.

What you might be thinking…

“Knowing what needs to be done is only the beginning, actually taking steps to create a better Practice is the hard part,
I have zero time to do it on my own”

“I hadn’t even thought about my exit, but I know my practice, clients & IP are valuable”

“I just have no time to plan marketing or make changes to our website”

“I lost my key employee last year which means I have no succession plan”

No matter which stage you are at, we can help!