Love Your Work

Merry Christmas from the team at Abacus!

We hope you will find some time to relax and recharge over the holiday break.

Our festive wish is for you to love your work in 2021!

merry christmas

Not currently in love with your business? 

We can help you get there.

Abacus provides support in three key areas to help you move to a place where you love the work you do…

1. Boosting your Practice Value

We perform comprehensive evaluations of Accounting firms. 

Our evaluations are perfect to assist Practitioners to get their house in order before they sell it.

However, our evaluations can assist Practice owners at all stages of life, including:

  • taking a new or acquired practice to be a top tier performing firm
  • moving revenue from being compliance-based to that of advisory services
  • those a few years from retirement but would like to take action now on transitioning the practice to be more attractive
  • those looking for support in overall strategy & goals, managing staff, marketing advice & technology/processes.

2. Grow your Practice in 2021

We provide all-inclusive Marketing Packages designed specifically for Accountants.

Not only do we target quality new leads, we also ensure you are getting the most equity from your existing client base.

  • We work exclusively with Accountants in Public Practice and understand the industry
  • utilise proven marketing, web design and SEO strategies
  • We provide expert Accounting content to save you time (general marketing agencies require you to feed all the content to them)
  • targeted content, emails and campaigns speak to clients where they need help the most
  • Monthly reports keep you informed on results and engagement.

3. What is your exit strategy? 

Are you passing on the baton to your staff & family or are you thinking of selling? Get a head start, consider your options early and start making plans.

We provide exit and succession planning advice for Accounting firms. 

We support both internal and external takeovers:

  • Internal takeovers – we provide support on valuations & contracts
  • External takeovers – we guide them through the process from identifying individuals to negotiations to a Heads of Agreement


Contact us for a free discussion about your Practice and let us help you succeed in 2021.